Saturday, 13 October 2012

PHP Liquid Wordpress Plugin

PHP Liquid is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add liquid tags to your stylesheet and page/posts.
To find out what liquid is please go to the following url:
Please read the install instructions carefully. You need to replace bloginfo( 'stylesheet_url' ) with liquid_stylesheet_url() in your header.php if you want to use liquid in your stylesheet.
If you write this method in your theme functions file:
function override_mytheme_liquid_array() {
return array('site_url' => get_option('siteurl'), "items" => array("1","2"));
and write the following lines in your style.css file:
{% for item in items %}
#banner_{{ item }} {
background: url("/images/test_{{ item }}.png");
{% endfor %}
your website will actually render the following css:
banner_1 {
background: url("/images/test_1.png");
banner_2 {
background: url("/images/test_2.png");
So with this plugin, you can use dynamic css, cool hey.

1) Install WordPress 3.4.2 or higher
3) Login to WordPress admin, click on Plugins / Add New / Upload, then upload the zip file you just downloaded.
4) Activate the plugin.
5) Edit your header.php and find bloginfo( 'stylesheet_url' ). Replace this with liquid_stylesheet_url().
6) Thats it, but if you want your own liquid tags, in your functions.php file write the following method
function override_mytheme_liquid_array() {
// Declare your liquid tags in this array.
return array('site_url' => get_option('siteurl'), "dude" => "TheOnlineHero");
// Then in your post/page or stylesheet type {{site_url}}, {{dude}}, to use them.
// Example:
// body {
// background: url({{site_url}}/images/test_image.png);
// }

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